Workshops and Seminars


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A Webinar on Quantum Computing

IEEE-VIT conducted a webinar on 'Quantum Computing' by Dr.Samir Yerpude on 6th of September 2020. The webinar was introduction to the field of Quantum Computing and applications related to it.The webinar emphasized information on what Quantum Computers can do, the basic difference between Classical computer,Quantum Computer and a Supercomputer, the growth in the field, the opportunities in the field. Also, the webinar made the participants familiar with the terminologies related to the field. The event was a grand success with participation of more than a hundred candidates..

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Gesture Controlled Gaming using OpenCV

IEEE-VIT conducted a hands-on workshop on 'Gesture Controlled Gaming using OpenCV' on 20th of September 2020. The participants were taught the basics of python along with the basics needed for the workshop.At the end of the virtual session, the participants were able to develop a mini project in which , by using the concepts taught during the session the participants were able to control a virtual game with the help of gestures.The event received a great response and feedback from the participants..