About IRIS

IRIS is a series of talks given by people from various walks of life. An acronym for Inspire,Resonate,Integrate, and Succeed, IRIS aims at imparting knowledge and key life lessons through people, who have faced multiple challenges as they struggled to make it to the top of their careers.

Our speakers

Dr. Abhas Mitra

Dr. Abhas Mitra

Head, Theoretical Astrophysics, B.A.R.C. (2005-2015)

Adjunct Professor at Homi Bhabha National Institute

8 TEDx talks under his belt

Challenged Stephen Hawking's theory on Black Holes

One of the 7 most talked about Indian men in 2015

Mr. Santosh Phad

Mr. Santosh Phad

A social entrepreneur

Founder of Think Sharp Foundation

Think Sharp Foundation is a non-profit organization with a vision to "bridge the Rural-Urban education divide"

Over 5000 students from 28 villages are benefitted by Think Sharp Foundation by getting access towards better Educational Infrastructure

Ms. Alisha Sadikot

Ms. Alisha Sadikot

An Independent Museums and Heritage Professional

Founder of The Inheritage Project

The Inheritage Project seeks to provide Mumbai's diverse audiences with opportunities to engage with the city's heritage resources

Curator at the famous Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Mrs. Madhura Bachal

Ms. Madhura Bachal

A World-renowned chef.

Author of two culinary books.

Launched her own range of Indian Masalas.

Has her own youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers.